Big Screen Music Seriously Cinematic Production Music

Mick Kiely

BSM004 • “Percussion Fantasia” — Vibrant, tuneful, quirky, percussive explorations

Beautiful Orient
Gentle far-eastern atmospheres with bubbling harp accompaniment

BSM003 • “Awakenings” — Beautifully crafted epic and enchanting orchestral drama.

Snow Queen
Majestic string and wind intro unfolds into sweeping orchestral melodies with percussive underscore

BSM002 • “After Dark” — An arthouse soundtrack of exotic, sensual, luscious and mysterious themes.

Blood and Passion
Tempestuous and passionate with building emotion

BSM001 • “Espionage” — An explosive blockbuster mix of contemporary and retro secret agent and spy genres.

Stealth Chase
Cat and mouse chase for high impact stealth pursuit