Big Screen Music Seriously Cinematic Production Music

Max Wilson

BSM018 • “A Jazz Romance” — Classic, romantic, elegant, tuneful jazz swing

Only You
Smokey cocktail jazz with seductive alto sax melody

BSM008 • “Riviera Jazz” — Live, french, folk, gypsy, jazz

Pres de toi
Tuneful gypsy guitar and clarinet with charming female vocals in French
Bonne Soirée
Upbeat clarinet melody with gypsy band accompaniment

BSM004 • “Percussion Fantasia” — Vibrant, tuneful, quirky, percussive explorations

Haute Couture
Intricate blend of tuned percussion, elegant strings and subtle beats

BSM003 • “Awakenings” — Beautifully crafted epic and enchanting orchestral drama.

Velvet Fields
Skillfully crafted piano and harp underscore with string accompaniment and woodwind interjections