Big Screen Music Seriously Cinematic Production Music

Paul Lennon

BSM020 • “Fragile World” — Comforting piano scores with warmth and character, vulnerability and optimism. For natural world, human endeavours and drama underscore.

Fragile Beauty
Free flowing piano with charming simplicity and a sense of calm
Early Reflections
Delicately flowing piano with a sense of innocence. Exploring new beginnings
Hand of a Child
Simple child-like piano melody with a comforting sense of well-being
Memories of Tomorrow
Sentimental and nostalgic piano with beautiful, delicate melody
Starting Over
Contented solo piano with a comforting sense of new beginning

BSM018 • “A Jazz Romance” — Classic, romantic, elegant, tuneful jazz swing

Mellow Monday
Mellow, foot-tapping jazz swing with walking bass and quirky banjo melody